• What APIs are published by Magyar Posta?

    APIs published by Magyar Posta can be viewed through the APIs menu item of the Developer Portal.

  • Calling the API I got an error message. Where do I find an explanation of the error codes?

    The APIs menu item of the Developer Portal will show the description of the error codes in the Responses section.

  • Where do I find the API documentation?

    The API documentation can be accessed through the APIs menu item of the Developer Portal; there you can download the API documentation in OpenAPI YAML format or you can directly browse it through the Swagger UI of the documentation on those pages.

  • How does authentication work when APIs are called?

    In order to access the APIs, the calling application must authenticate itself. Authentication always uses the API Key (Client ID) and API Secret (Client Secret) credentials which are configured in the calling application and are accessible for the company’s designated developer through the Applications menu item of the Developer Portal.
    You need to log in before you can access the API Key and the API Secret. The user account that is used to sign in should have authorization in regard to the company it represents, and the company itself should have permission to use the API.

  • Why do I have two sets of access credentials, i.e. two API Key/API Secrets pairs?

    While developing and testing a web application or a mobile application that calls the APIs, you need to use the API Key/API Secret pair associated with the sandbox environment as API calls in this environment do not initiate live transactions.
    When using the web application or mobile application in a production environment, the corresponding pair of API Key and API secret must be used.

  • Can I use APIs without access credentials?

    No, using published APIs requires access credentials (API Key and API Secret) that the calling application uses to authenticate itself during the API call.

  • How do I check what APIs I have access to?

    The Applications menu entry of the Developer Portal allows you to check what API Products and what related APIs your company has been granted access to.

  • Can I test the APIs?

    Yes. If you navigate to the documentation via the APIs menu item of the Developer Portal, you can initiate test API calls from the Swagger UI interface. In order to do so, you will need API access credentials (an API Key and an API Secret) that are available for your company’s designated developer through the Applications menu item.